PPC advertising is a fast and efficient way to drive traffic and sales to your listings without relying on the painfully slow evolution of your organic rankings over time. Amazon allows sellers to set an accurate bid on relevant keywords, placing their listing on high-visibility spots where they are exposed to new audiences – improving your sales totals.

Like Google AdWords or Bing Ads, you pay a fee every time a lead clicks on your ad, visits your product page, or makes a purchase. Our job is to optimize your campaign’s effectiveness by choosing the best keywords and ad placements, setting up the right bids to achieve the best ROI. In turn, this optimizes your spending while reducing the ACoS.

Our proprietary Machine Learning Algorithm gathers and processes data, enabling our team to make fast, accurate, and data-driven decisions according to the sales goals which you have set. This will make PPC optimization very effective and will help you achieve your results.

Amazon Sponsored Products gives sellers complete control of spending by allowing them to place a fixed limit on their budget as well as their relevant keywords bid. Products can be anywhere, from launch stage to decline stage, and your advertising spending must follow it. Our team researches your business for a thorough understanding of your product’s lifecycle and the margins involved. This ensures that we deliver the best results to boost your revenue growth and profitability.

Quartile offers ppc optimization for clients who are already investing in advertising, and for customers who are eager to start growing their business even faster.

What to expect from our PPC Optimization?

Better Campaign Performance

Advertising spending is focused on top converting keywords and placements, saving you time and money

Higher Product Margins

Our Machine Learning Algorithm avoids bad keywords and bad placements which reduces your ACoS while allowing products to have a higher margin, increasing your profits

Increased Listing Traffic

Advertising is an excellent way to increase listing traffic and get your product on the first page, exposing your product to a new audience for more sales

Higher Sales Figures

Our clients report dramatic increases in sales figures after using advertising, allowing their product to reach Best Seller status and #1 New Release spots

Data Collection

Advertising allows retailers to collect Amazon’s customer search data, which can then be used to build better listings for improved conversions

Fast Results

Amazon advertising is quicker than organic ranking, typically showing results almost instantly while pushing up sales, traffic, and product awareness
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