Creating listings on Amazon takes time and a lot of research. When we create a listing, we need to cover details such as product title, category selection, keyword selection, product description, and highlights – and that does not include the many other little details that vary from category to category. Due to the huge competition, Amazon customers have high requirements; any missing details on your listing may mean a shopper goes to your competitor instead.

Here at Quartile, we have developed a methodology which helps our clients to create dozens of Amazon Best Sellers and #1 New Releases virtually effortlessly. It all begins with an in-depth understanding our client’s brand including their market positioning, pricing strategy, and catalog. We then gather relevant information about products to understand their features, highlights, technical specifications, and unique selling points. It is not until we have this mountain of data on the brand and its products that we take the final step: creating the listing itself.

A good listing is vital in both organic and paid searches. A high converting listing does not just allow sellers to advertise with more efficiency, but also to increase their conversion rate in organic searches. This has the effect of improving sales figures as well as the product’s ranking, leading the way to leadership and a Best Seller Badge. Having a product in the top ten of a category can increase conversion rates up to 15%.

Understanding how Amazon’s algorithm works, helps use create and edit product listings in a way that it boosts sales. Amazon’s algorithm tends to give higher rankings and promote products that are most likely to be purchased. This means higher conversion rates tend to drive up rankings. We approach Amazon listing optimization with that in mind, editing product content and descriptions to increase conversion rates, while also targeting relevant keywords with high buyer intent. This Product Listings Optimization framework ultimately increases reach and sales in a virtuous circle where better conversion rates will improve rankings and better rankings will help drive more sales.

We work together with you to export your existing website products to Amazon, leveraging our expertise to kick off your business in the best possible way on the world’s biggest marketplace.

What to expect from our Listing Optimization

In-Depth Knowledge of your Portfolio

Understanding your portfolio is vital to creating the best possible listing structure. Multiple products can be merged into one listing to increase page conversion rates and time spent by browsers on a page

Highly Detailed Listings

We design highly detailed listings that capture people’s attention and keeps them on the page, increasing your chances of selling

Category Selection

Having the perfect category selected lets your listings be found quickly, increasing your chances of a sale and improving your sales ranking

Features and Highlights

We dive deep into your product specifications to figure out the best features to add to the listing for convincing copy

Respect Brand Guidelines

We follow brand guidelines strictly, from wording down to color codes. Our team will do all that it can to help your brand reach and stay in pole position
Let us Transform your Product Catalog into Amazon Listings.