Well-designed, engaging content keeps potential customers on your listings page, exponentially increasing your chances of conversion. It all starts with understanding your conversions, researching your most profitable keywords and writing content around them to gain a better organic ranking.

Basic optimization includes title optimization, adding and improving your bullet points, and revising your product description. Conversion rates can grow anywhere from 3% to 10% once these optimizations are in place.

For sellers enrolled in the Brand Registry Program, Amazon allows the use of images and richer formatting, such as paragraphs and subheadings, within the description. Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a next-generation listing optimization option that allows your brand to deliver engaging, compelling copy written in a logical, chronological order that captures your customers’ attention and keeps visitors on your page longer.

We can improve your overall brand engagement and traffic by as much as eight times. Most importantly, EBC can increase conversions by as much as 55%, making your products more profitable as well as lowering the ACoS of your Sponsored Products Campaigns.

What to expect with Enhanced Listing Content?

Higher Traffic

People search on Amazon all the time; choosing the best keywords and writing content around then effortlessly drives massive traffic to your listing

Higher Conversion Rates

EBC can increase your conversion rates up to 55%, simply by capturing people’s attention with visually-rich listings. If you do not have EBC enabled yet, fundamental changes in your title, bullet points, and description will increase your sales conversions

Better Organic Ranking

Having a higher conversion rate and more traffic will lead to an improvement in your organic ranking, improving sales in the long run

Higher Brand Engagement

Delivering visually-rich, persuasive writing captures the attention of your audience and sucks them deeper into your brand, driving up brand recall and awareness

Lower ACoS

Listing optimization also helps the performance of your paid campaigns. Improved conversion rates require less paid clicks to convert while lowering your ACoS
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